A Cool Restaurant in Yangon

When you are spending a vacation with your family in Yangon, Myanmar you would obviously want to relax and enjoy quality time. There are a few things which determine whether your vacation was a good one or not and one of them is the restaurants that you visit and the food that you taste. Yangon is home to several renowned restaurants and the Burmese cuisine that is served at most of these places will thoroughly please even the most critical of gastronomes.

However, there is one place that you absolutely cannot miss and that is the Acacia Tea Salon which is located at 52 Saya San Road, Bahan Township. This is one of the best places to hang out in when you are in Yangon and you must enjoy at least one of your afternoon teas here.

The architecture of the Acacia Tea Salon will stun you the moment that you reach the place and will take you back to the colonial period. The understated elegance that the building exudes is inexplicable and the manicured, lush landscape that surrounds Acacia Tea Salon brings out the beauty of the building all the more distinctively. The décor includes high ceiling classic furniture and warm lighting. There is a greenhouse like one story building just near the entrance of the Acacia Tea Salon and here you will get freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes. There are both dine in and take away options.

Restaurant in Yangon

Once you enter the main building of Acacia Tea Salon you will see many private rooms and areas both indoors and outdoors. However, if the weather is beautiful then you can pick the verandah spot, sitting where you can overlook the garden. There are a plethora of cakes, burgers, teas and coffees that you can choose from in the men.  The iced café latte, carrot and cream cheese cake and the mini chicken burgers are popular with the youngsters but as the name suggest the specialty of Acacia is tea and the simple variety of teas that this place offers will leave you amazed.

When you are in Yangon, you just cannot miss out on this place.