“Kalaw” or A beautiful hill town

Kalaw is a hill town, located in Myanmar’s Shan state and is full of beautiful scenery. Kalaw is a quiet town full of natural beauty and incredible foods are one of the tourist destination towns of Myanmar. If you want to spend your trip in a quiet peaceful place and want to explore the mountains scenery, Kalaw is the best town to spend your time and you wouldn’t regret it. You can also take a look at the lifestyle of Pa-O, Pa Laung, and others. Kalaw is not a big city but it is a famous place because the weather is pleasantly cold and is a good place for hiking and tracking.

If you visit Kalaw, you should try the taste of traditional Shan foods and snacks. Some taste of Shan foods is unbelievable taste, that’s why you should try for Shan foods. Most of Shan foods are available in Kalaw Myo Ma market. In this local market, you can see the fresh local products, organic vegetable, beautiful flowers, traditional foods, and so on. Hlaw Sar is a famous drink of Shan people. Hlaw Sar is fermentable Sticky Rice with a little of traditional alcohol. When you try Hlaw Sar for the first time, the taste can be strange for you, but you will be friendly this taste after you tried 3 or 4 times and you will use to it. The price is very reasonable and you can easily try the foods and buy local products.

In Kalaw, trekking tour and hiking are popular among tourists. This town is surrounded by peaceful villages, the beautiful viewpoints, and Buddhist pagodas. You can trek in Kalaw, one-day trekking to four-days trekking. You can explore one-day treks to Patingone, there is the Pa-O, Taung Yoe village, and villagers. The most popular trekking is Kalaw to Inle Lake if you are interested in nature, forests, and jungle. It also takes two days for mountain biking and four-days trek to Inle Lake.  Most of the trekkers sleep overnight at the Taung Yoe village. On the way of trekking, you will see many villages. Some villagers still wear traditional clothing and live without electricity. The villagers get income by farming, making a handicraft.

Other interesting places in Kalaw are Strawberry yards and wine yards. Strawberry yards in Kalaw out organic strawberries and they don’t use chemicals. These organic strawberries are very cheap and you can also try strawberries smoothies. You can also get an amazing experience in grapes wine yard with a view over a valley. You can taste a glass of wine and can also buy good wines. Watching the sunset with a glass of wine and it’s worth to go wine yard.

Kalaw or a beautiful hill town from South East Shan State. If you are planning to visit there, don’t forget to try the things and places mentioned above. Airport near from Kalaw was situated in Heho. You can also visit there by car and train. Travelling to Kalaw with old train is also popular as a budget trip. This cold town will give you a peaceful feeling with full of enjoyment. If you ever need any assistant planning your journey, you can contact travel agents like us in Myanmar.